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Chastity Belt Middle Ages Latex Ponygirl Bondage P.V.C. T-24400 High-Heels

- abbreviation for chasitity belt. Since medieval times men strived to lock their women in their time of absence. Even today this measure is used. The aim has remained the same, only the design changed slightly, becoming more modern. There are also cb’s for men today, unthinkable in the medieval period.
y Master and I own multiple cb’s today which I wear alternately as
far as this is possible. We will expand our collection as time passes. Since
we both enjoy the cb’s – him taking the passive and me taking the active part-
the cb’s have become constant factors in our lives.
In spite of some psychological and anatomical insufficiencies they enriche
our love-life enormously.
Everyone should decide for him- or herself what to
hink about this matter, but I am extremly proud to
wear a cb and I have included this individual
kind of underwar into my every-day life.









ere you'll find a few pictures from our current collection although not all of them are made for every-day use. Some people might be disgusted, others might get to like them and even others might find some inspiration. However you decide, enjoy watching.

his is my every-day cb. At present time I wear it 4-5 days a week. It was made by Access Denied, a company which does not exist any longer.

The cb is made of stainless steel, some parts are fitted.

The waistband is equipped with a silicon-profile, the crotch-guard is covered with a synthetic material called plastisol. On the backside, the whole thing is tied together by chains which are also covered with plastic.

You open and close thie cb with a lock at belly level on the waist-band. 

ometimes I wear this cb with matching tight bands. They are quite similar to the waist-band and made with a fitted silicon-profile. They are attached to the waistband via chains. Additionaly the bands are connected with a small chain.
The purpose of the tight bands is to prevent me from spreading my legs and slipping something under the crotch shield and forcing me to wear skirts.

dditionaly there is a matching chastity bra. My Master developed it by himself.
It gets attached to the waistband in the same spot as the tight bands. The locking systemd is on the sternum. 

his is my latest cb.
t present time I am testing and adjusting
to it. This cb is made by My-Steel and is a new challenge for me. It has an ergonimic waist band and is equipped with a comfort system. Opposite to my old every-day cb it has no chains but a full shield with an anal opening. The waistband is adjustable within +/- 1,18 inch.
irst impressions:

Great messuarement, the cb is almost perfect on the first fitting. The seperate crotch shield is a brilliant idea and it feels great. The same goes for the ergonomic waist band.
Changing from the chain cb to this one will take some time to adjust just like the new locking system. But I am really happy with the new cb.

ou can read about my experiences and my life with my cb’s in my cb-diary (in German only).
You'll find it here :
urrently My Master and I are shooting a fetish movie about cb's together with a couple of friends.
First impressions and screenshots will be available soon over here.
n the next pictures you see another cb which is obviously not made for every-day use. But nonetheless, it has some advantages.
It is made of stainless steel only and is locked on the side with chains and normal locks (width is flexible). Since there is no upholstering this cb is not made for long periods to wear although it is quite good for plays and for educational purposes. And the stainless steel made plug holds more than it acutally promisses. 

n the following pictures you’ll see some other items from our collections. These cb's are for decorational purposes only and not made for longer periods to wear. But the look nice, don’t they?





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