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Keuschheitsgürtel Mittelalter Latex Ponygirl Bondage Lack T-24400 High-Heels

When I was first confronted with the issue “ponyplay” I was a bit insecure. I didn’t take it serious at all and considered it pretty weird. But later on I discovered the roots of this affection in my childhood. In kindergarten we often played “horse and man”. Everybody-myself included-wanted to play the horse but nobody “the man”. Even back then “the horse” would be equipped with a rope around the waist and so we ran around the sandbox with loud voices...

Once I dress up as a ponygirly nowadays, I am not myself anymore. I become another personality, I inherit the character of a pony and I just think in another dimension. No word counts anymore and the human world doesn’t count for me. I only react on touches: the tap of the switch as an order for a certain movement, I feel the bit gag and the attached reins which lead me left or right or their snapping on my back to run faster, their pulling back to go slower or to stop. I feel the stroking for affirmation and the bites of the switch for punishment. I stop thinking, I totally surrender to my feelings and let myself be guided by the hand of my partner and my own emotions which sometimes lead me to the boundaries of my consciousness and which start to play with me...

Being a ponygirl means to enter into another world. A world of fantasy, erotica and sensibility. I let myself fall into a world where only feeling counts and nothing else around me is important anymore.

Human ponyplay (depending on the sex of the participant and therefore called ponygirl or ponyboy) is a human sexual role-playing practice. One person imitates the behaviour of horse or a pony while the partner acts as a caretaker. I definetly become a pony since the term horse would be quite ridiculous regarding my size.

Such role-plays are classified as anima transformation fantasies while “ponyplay” is far more common than any other form of “petplay”.


The right equipment such as bit gags, bridles, harnesses, tails and lots of toys such as analplugs (with attached tails) can be purchased in a wide variety of versions. You can check out my retailers at the bottom of this page.

Sometimes ponyplay is considered as some kind of bondage or as a variety of BDSM, which is accurate up to some point. During ponyplay, my hands will be tied behind my back or attached on the side on the waistband, I will get tied somewhere or I will be put in front of a cart. Having the bit gag inside my mouth there is no way to articulate myself properly (Since when do ponies speak?). Of course submission towards the dominant partner is a huge factor. As long as I am a ponygirl, I have to surrender to the orders of my master, follow his guidance and receive some spanking with a switch.

But that’s not always the case since pony fantasies can be given full expression to without a partner or in combination with other fetish elements.I prefer ponyplay in combination with latex outfits(catsuit, mask and gloves) underneath the ponyharness- and so I turn into a “rubber pony”.

More pony-pictures inside the members area and at Latexgirlies.
To be continued...
Source of supply: "Pupett's Pony Outfit" is available at Csara, the ponyboots are available at Reactor rubberwear, the latex catsuit is available at simon O., the chastity belt is available at MY-STEEL and the ponytail-plug is available at every good erotic toy store.


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